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Gaziantep History and Places to Visit

The place element is of great importance in the formation and quality of Gaziantep's history. The region, where the first civilizations were born, being between Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean, being at the crossroads of the roads leading from the south and the Mediterranean to the east, north and west, has shaped the history of civilization and today. For this reason, Gaziantep has been a settlement area and frequented place for human communities since prehistoric times. The fact that the historical Silk Road passed through here has ensured that the province maintains its importance and vitality continuously.
Gaziantep and its surroundings BC. Between 700 and 546, it came under the rule of the Assyrian, Med and Persian Empires. After Alexander the Great destroyed the Persian State, the Romans, M.S. It remained under the rule of the Byzantines until 636.
Since Gaziantep is located on the main roads from Kahramanmaraş to Aleppo, from Birecik to the Mediterranean coast and from Diyarbakır to İskenderun, it has preserved its characteristic of being a cultural and commercial center of every period.
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Zeugma Mosaic Museum

One of Turkey's and world-famous museums is located in Gaziantep. Zeugma Mosaic Museum, which is the second largest mosaic museum in the world and opened to visitors in 2011, has rich collections that attract hundreds of thousands of history, culture and archeology enthusiasts from all over the world every year.
In the museum, where you can see thousands of fascinating mosaic artifacts decorated with religious motifs from the Late Antiquity, Syriac and Christian periods, the Roman mosaics, statues, columns and fountains from the ancient city of Zeugma, covering an area of 2500 m2, attract a lot of attention. The 140 m2 wall paintings, the bronze statue of Mars, the bronze statue of Ares, the god of war, and the gypsy girl mosaic, known as Zeugma's Mona Lisa, which you will immediately remember when we see it, are among the works that you should definitely see up close.


You should stop by Rumkale, which is located on a peninsula at the confluence of the Euphrates River and Merzimen Stream, to watch a fascinating view that you cannot see anywhere else in Gaziantep. Rumkale, which has been used by many civilizations since ancient times and reflects the architectural features of Rome and the Middle Ages, is one of the places frequently visited by photographers from all over the world with its fascinating view on steep rocks.
You can also visit the St. Nerses Church and the Barşavma Monastery, and examine the stunning water cisterns and living spaces inside the castle. In Rumkale, which is also visited by foreign tourists as it has a great importance in the history of Christianity, Hz. Yohannes, one of the best-known apostles of Jesus, lived and continued to spread Christianity here, and it is rumored that the Gospel of Yohannes was stored in a cave in Rumkale.

Gaziantep Coppersmiths Bazaar

Gaziantep Bakırcılar Çarşısı, which is one of the first places you should visit to experience the historical atmosphere of Gaziantep city and to have a pleasant holiday shopping, is located in a beautiful location on Saray Caddesi. Bakırcılar Bazaar, which has a long history of more than 500 years and is one of the places where the commercial heart of the city beats today, as it was in the old times, hundreds of kinds of handmade copper products, local foods, spices, organic products, dried foods and products reflecting the copper work done in Gaziantep for hundreds of years. It is always very lively with gift ornaments.
Gaziantep Coppersmiths' Bazaar, which has managed to preserve its authentic atmosphere with its single-storey and wooden-decorated small handicraft shops, is also the first place for foreign tourists visiting the city to shop. You can buy many products from statues made of copper and brass to ewers, tea and coffee sets, trays, chests inlaid with mother of pearl, handmade coffee tables and fascinating mirrors in the bazaar, which you can easily reach both by public transport and by a short walk.

Chain Bedesten

Located in Gaziantep's Şahinbey district and another important trade area where you can stop by to buy handmade products, Zincirli Bedesten is one of the two bedestens of Gaziantep that have survived from the legendary five covered bazaars. Today, more than 70 shops serve in Zincirli Bedesten, an architectural work worth seeing with its stone architecture, which has always been active since the day it was built in the 18th century.
You can take wonderful photos accompanied by historical landscapes in Zincirli Bedesten, where you can do a wonderful shopping with spices, handicrafts, copper and silver jewellery, local foods, sweets and clothes, or take a break at the tea houses and relax.

Zeugma Ancient City

Zeugma Ancient City, one of the most well-known ancient cities of Turkey and built on a high hill 10 kilometers away from the town of Nizip, attracts attention from all over the world with its fascinating mosaics. One of the generals of Alexander the Great. The ancient city he founded in 300 BC. It was connected to the Roman Empire in 31 BC and lived its heyday in the Roman period.
Many priceless mosaics obtained during the archaeological studies in the ancient city of Zeugma, which stands out as a city of mosaics, are now exhibited in the Zeugma Mosaic Museum and other important museums of Turkey. You will have the chance to see the mosaics that have remained intact for thousands of years in the ancient city of Zeugma, which is one of the constant addresses of Gaziantep history and culture tours, where you can explore with guided tours.

Kaleoglu Cave

Kaleoğlu Cave, which is one of the most visited historical treasures of Gaziantep, attracts a lot of attention due to its 500-year-old cave and its fascinating view. It is said that the clean air of the cave, which has an average temperature of 15 degrees even on the hottest days of summer, is especially good for respiratory problems.
You can take a break in the cave atmosphere and sip your coffee in the cafe of Kaleoğlu Cave, where handmade products, carpets, rugs and antique furniture unique to Gaziantep are exhibited today. Offering an unforgettable sightseeing experience with its impressive ventilation holes, wells and columns, Kaleoğlu Cave is frequently visited by tourists as it is easily accessible on Gümrük Street in Şahinbey district.

Yesemek Open Air Museum

Located in the Yesemek Neighborhood of Gaziantep's İslahiye district and famous for its sculpture making workshops that have been actively used since the Hittite period, the Yesemek Open Air Museum is an impressive sightseeing area that attracts culture and archeology curiosities from all over the world.
A pleasant tour among the statues of ancient mountain gods, lion heads from many different periods, Hittite symbols and fascinating sculptures from the Assyrian period at the Yesemek Open Air Museum, which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in 2012 and is one of the most visited places in the city. You can take unique photos. You can also visit the ancient city, which is located on a hill overlooking the region, and take panoramic photos of the sculptures of the open-air museum from this hill.

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