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Things to Do After Renting

After completing the car rental agreement and taking delivery of the car, the important issues you need to do according to the car selection and road conditions. Factors such as the number of people, the number of luggage you bring with you, the purpose of the rental, the km to be made, and the terrain conditions play an important role in the selection of the vehicle you will rent.

We can collect these in a few examples;
For large families or families with lots of luggage / Station Wagon
For requests with more than 5 passengers / Minibus
To use in your business meetings / Luxury vehicle
If you are going to do long distances or Km / Diesel vehicle
For tough terrain conditions and challenging areas / 4x4 off-road vehicle
For a snowy area / Vehicle with winter tires

Vehicle Fault Status

The vehicles you rent are delivered to you in a well-maintained manner. Even if it is maintained, mechanical failures can occur in vehicles, even if they are not wanted. As Devrecar Car Rental, we evaluate the malfunction in two ways, according to its accessibility in such events. If the problem in the vehicle is minor (such as Battery Dead), the nearest service is directed and the problem in the vehicle is resolved. If the problem in the vehicle is big, it is replaced with a different vehicle (same group).

Accident Status

In case of any damage, technical accident report, detection report, alcohol report, photocopy of driver's license from the nearest competent authority (traffic police in the city limits, gendarmerie outside the city) without any intervention to the vehicle at the place where the damage occurred The contact address, phone number, driver's license, photocopies of the license and insurance policy or similar documents of the other party must be delivered to our company within forty-eight (48) hours at the latest. Our company officials should be informed at the time of the accident.
As Devrecar Company, after making sure that our passengers are well in case of an accident, we act according to the damage information (size) of the vehicle and the passenger's request. If necessary, it is replaced by another tool.

Traffic penalty

There has been an increase in traffic fines in recent years. The main reason for this is not obeying the traffic rules. The other main reason is that the RADAR system is no longer fixed and visual, but is mobile and has a camera system. Please follow the traffic rules, let's wear our seat belts. "You are important to us, your loved ones are important to you".

Bridge and Highway

In Turkey, we are faced with heavy toll fines due to the transfer of Bridges and Highways to the private sector and the mistakes in the pricing policy of these companies. As Devrecar Car Rental, our vehicles have HGS pass system. Please inform the company authorities about your Bridge and Highway crossings in advance.

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