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Bodrum is one of the 13 districts of Muğla. The district is known as an important tourism center today, which is due to the fact that Bodrum has some unique features. Bodrum is a district known not only in Turkey but also in the world in terms of tourism. It is surrounded by Milas in the east and northeast, and the Aegean Sea in the northwest, west and south. The district is located on a peninsula between Güllük in the north and Gökova Gulf in the south. The lands of the district are rugged and the inner parts are plain, the coasts are very indented and protruding, and the soil structure consists of areas with a lot of limestone. The lands of the district are roughened by the Yaran and Pazar Mountains. The Yaran Mountain, which extends in the northeast-southwest direction, is located in the eastern and central parts of the district. This mountain descends to the west and forms the high Pazar Mountain. There are depression areas and valleys connected to them on the coastline of the district, which open directly to the sea and form small basins in the interior. There are plains formed by the alluviums carried by the rivers in the valley and depression areas. Bitez Plain, Akçaalan Plain and Karaova are the main ones. The coasts of the district are quite smooth in the south and take a recessed and protruding appearance in the southwest, west and north. There are many large and small islands, including Çakal Island and Karaada, within the boundaries of the district. There are no specific streams in the district. The Irrigation Pond in Mumcular Town is used as irrigation and drinking water. The economy of the district is based on tourism, trade, handicrafts, fishing, forestry, and crop production. The amount of plant production is low due to the inadequacy of arable land. However, tobacco and olive production are important. In addition to vegetable growing, greenhouse cultivation is carried out. Fruit growing, especially tangerine production has developed. Traditional sponge diving and fishing have begun to lose their former importance. Carpet and kilim weaving is done in the villages of Karaova. Tourism has become Bodrum's main economic activity in recent years. It attracts tourists with its tourism-based small handicraft trade and historical texture.
The history of Bodrum, formerly known as Halicarnassus, dates back to ancient times as it is at the junction of the Mediterranean and the Aegean. The region, which includes Muğla and Aydın, was called Karia in ancient times. Indigenous people of the region are Kars and Lelegs. They lived in the villages inland from the coast, which they built on high hills and surrounded by walls. Ancient Halicarnassus was established around the area where the present castle is located, which is in the middle of two harbors, and Göktepe behind it. As a matter of fact, the research and foundation excavations carried out here have revealed many finds related to the ancient city. Meanwhile, he mentioned the Temple of Aphrodite and Hermes on the hill to the right of the city. Today, this place is where the Cafer Pasha Tomb and the Turkish cemetery are located to the west of the port. To the east of the city is the palace of Maussollos. It is thought that the inner harbor was located near the present Tepecik Mosque. The location of the secret harbor, which is reached by a secret passage from the palace of Maussollos, is controversial today. On the hill behind the Tepecik Mosque, there was the sanctuary and temple of Mars (Ares), the God of War, and the monumental statue of Mars built by Timetos. No remains or finds have survived to the present day.
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