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TZX Trabzon Airport Car Rental

It is a province and the twenty-ninth most populous city in Turkey. Trabzon Province Population: 779,379. The province, which is located in the Eastern Black Sea Region of the Black Sea Region, has a coast to the Black Sea. It is located between the Black Sea coast and the Zigana Mountains and occupies a small area in terms of surface area. Trabzon Airport was put into service in 1957 and is the only airport in Turkey parallel to the sea.
Trabzon Airport is close to the city center. Before you start exploring the greenery of the city, we will be happy to welcome you with the professional service of our company Devrecar Car Rental at our Trabzon Airport car rental office. Devrecar Car Rental is waiting for you in our office for a safe and enjoyable Black Sea tour with its quality. A historical and cultural adventure awaits you in Trabzon, one of the meeting points of Europe and Asia, dominating the historical Silk Road. Trabzon, which reflects the modern world and historical periods in a single pot and reflects it to daily life, is an exciting stop for exploration enthusiasts thanks to the easily accessible Trabzon Airport car rental service. The history of residential areas in Trabzon dates back to 2000 BC. Trabzon is a city where Persian, Roman and Byzantine cultures have been blended for hundreds of years. There is a cultural diversity from the past in the city, where there are monasteries and churches as well as mosques. There are many places to visit and see in Trabzon, which is one of the colorful and unique cities of Turkey. Sumela Monastery, which attracts great attention by the tourists coming to the city, has a huge structure carved into the rock slopes. The building, which is reached after quite narrow and long stairs; It consists of a stone church, library, guest hall, kitchen, student rooms and a holy temple. There are many historical and cultural sightseeing stops in many parts of the city. We can list some of them as follows; Boztepe, Hagia Sophia Museum, Yenicuma Mosque, Vazelon Monastery, Saint Anna Church, Irena Tower, Santa Maria Church, Ortahisar Mosque, Kaymaklı Monastery, Girls Monastery, Atatürk Villa, Cevdet Sunay Museum and Trabzon Museum? Sera Lake Plateau, Maçka-Mavura Plateau, Maçka-Kiraz Plateau are some of the important plateaus of the city that attract a lot of tourists. Buttered sea bass is one of the local delicacies that should not be returned without trying Akçaabat meatballs. We can list other flavors as follows; Stuffed corn, nettle soup, corn soup, stuffed cabbage rolls, stuffed pan, anchovy pita, chard burma, anchovy rice, kaygana, kuymak, water pastry, yufka dessert, laz cake, gulya, roasted pickles, roasted cabbage, meat corn wrap, Trabzon kebab, zumur, huskmeli, mihlama and borani? If you want to buy local souvenirs like Telkar, you can visit Kemeraltı and Bakırcılar Bazaar. Rent economical and affordable vehicles from our company Devrecar Car Rental for your unforgettable Black Sea tour and discover Trabzon.
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