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New Model Car Hire

With our renewed vehicle fleet every year, we provide you 24/7 car rental service. Automobile giants exhibit their new models at special events they organize every year or in auto show fairs. This year again we can see many new models road vehicle in Turkey. Hybrid and electric versions are at the forefront and will attract attention.

Hygienic Car Hire

As Devrecar Rental company, we are obliged to reveal and implement design ideas for long-term, permanent and appropriate disinfection of vehicles to be offered to vehicle sharing operators, short-term car rental companies, fleets and end users in order to adapt to new conditions for the health and satisfaction of our customers during the pandemic period.
Company car and hygiene in order to find ideas that will carry Turkey to the summit in 6 countries, including "License to Clean" organizes digital hackathon competition.

Economic Car Hire

If you are looking for cars that appeal to your budget and burn less, you can review the vehicles from the vehicle model and price section of our Devrecar Rental company or from the Your Preference page, you can make your preferences accordingly. As economic costs increase, the trend towards the cheapest and least fuel consuming cars increases.

Family Car Hire

Cars are important for both your safety and comfort. Especially when renting a family car, cars that can fit everyone, with comfortable seats and interior space, and large luggage are preferred.

Holiday Car Hire

With the holiday car service, it is aimed that our customers will have a more enjoyable holiday with the comfort of their own vehicles without long road fatigue.
If you love to drive and discover new places sounds good, traveling with us is for you. Turkey road map is offered to you free of charge.

Business Car Hire

Like hiring the right vehicle, arriving on time for a job interview, wearing a suitable outfit, looking willing, or answering questions intelligently and differently.

Commercial Vehicle Rental

Discover the most suitable vehicle for you from Devrecar Rental Professional commercial vehicle models. You can find the vehicles that best suit your pick-up, van, van or passenger transport needs in our fleet. T.R. The Ministry of Transport commercial vehicle documents are provided according to the model of the vehicles.

Luxury Car Hire

Within Devrecar Rental, we offer you luxury car service with BMW and Mercedes brands. We provide luxury car rental service through sedan or SUV versions through BMW and Mercedes brands.

Minibus Rental

We serve minibus vehicles preferred by large families, Mercedes Vito, Vw Caravelle, Renault Trafic and Ford Tourneo Custom brand and model vehicles. Our vehicles are for 8 + 1 people and have a driver's license.

4x4 Off-Road Vehicles Rental

We have added off-road vehicles to our fleet so that you can reach your destination safely in difficult road, terrain and weather conditions. We buy these tools according to your requirements and offer them to you. Toyota Hilux, Vw Amarok and Ford Rager

Daily Car Hire

We calculate and provide daily car rental service over 24 hours. 300 KM limit is applied for daily rentals. You can find it on our online website to rent a car quickly and easily.

Weekly Car Hire

Weekly car rental is a more affordable rental system based on daily rental.

Monthly Car Hire

It provides a price advantage to companies or individuals who will rent a car monthly. You can rent a car monthly at much cheaper prices than daily car rental prices.

Fleet Leasing

With fleet leasing, you provide price and tax advantages to your company. For private fleet rental offers for your company, please send us your brand, model and contact information and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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